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 - 42ne Teamplayers Fieldbook -

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*42ne* Leader
*42ne* Leader

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PostSubject: - 42ne Teamplayers Fieldbook -   11/10/2012, 5:17 pm

From our legendary leader *42ne*Odian (Creator of 42ne)

42ne Teamplayer's Fieldbook

1. Find your team every time after you spawn and stick to it.
Avoid to fight alone - together we're the power. Don't run
away if you've started to follow - your mates are counting
on you. And follow your team fast enough - they won't like
waiting for too long.

2. Cover your teammates, so they won't get shot from their backs
or any other unexpected side. Do not "line" them while covering.

3. Rush only when your team is ready to rush with you. Rush when
your team rushes, even if you think it wasn't a good ideas.
Do not "block" your teammates: if you're first to rush - go
further, so your mates can follow, if you're last - don't get
too close. Use "clicks" (use button) to as your team to follow

4. There are situations when there isa need for a fall back. If so,
the whole team, including you should fall back together, no
matter how much you want to kill "that-last-bastard-out-there".
Avoid "lining" and "blocking" your teammates meanwhile. Use
"clicks" (use button) to as your team to follow you.

5. When you kill an enemy or see a frozen enemy - you are
responsible to keep the body secure and give your enemies hard
time melting it. You can gather all nearby enemy bodies together
to one place, so it's easier to secure them all.

6. Melt your frozen teammates after ensuring it's not a trap.
Shoot them off any possible lines of fire before you do.

7. Use yellow 1, 2, 3, 4 to indicate number of enemies you've met.
Use green 1, 2, 3 to indicate the number of dead enemy bodies
the team should secure at a certain place. Don't be lazy to say
numbers - these may save ur teammates life. Use "clicks"
(use item button) to indicate you should be followed for some
reason. Use number of "clicks" to indicate priority. Don't
abuse it, otherwise your team may stop listening to you. Also,
try to avoid any other chat-binds during wars, nobody is going
to read your poems while there is a battle going on.

8. Play for the team. And may the fortune be with you, mate!

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*42ne* Administrator
*42ne* Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: - 42ne Teamplayers Fieldbook -   11/10/2012, 6:08 pm

tr00!! <3
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PostSubject: Re: - 42ne Teamplayers Fieldbook -   12/10/2012, 12:25 pm

yeah some info for me new i try keep it. :study:
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PostSubject: Re: - 42ne Teamplayers Fieldbook -   

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- 42ne Teamplayers Fieldbook -
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