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*** Fourtune 1v1 Slowrail Tournament *** B_160_400_0_EBBF00_FFFFFF_FFA400_000000_1_1_0
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*** Fourtune 1v1 Slowrail Tournament *** B_160_400_0_FFCB1A_FFFFFF_FFA100_000000_1_1_0


 *** Fourtune 1v1 Slowrail Tournament ***

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*** Fourtune 1v1 Slowrail Tournament *** Empty
PostSubject: *** Fourtune 1v1 Slowrail Tournament ***   *** Fourtune 1v1 Slowrail Tournament *** Icon_minitime1/11/2012, 12:38 pm

Welcome to this 1v1 Slow Rail Tournament!

This tournament will only be held for the members of our clan
Make sure you also familiarize yourself with the rules
1. Introduction

- Please take the time to read through our rules before you start playing this tournament.
- These rules only apply to *Fourtune 1v1 Slow Rail Tournament*.
- Knowing the rules will avoid conflicts and will increase your chances of winning conflicts.

2. Match rules

- All games must be played with point release 1.16n and NoGhost modification version 1.16.
- Spectators are allowed, but every player has the right to demand to play without spectators.
Such a demand needs to be declared before the match starts. The opposing player is required to obey it.

- Only 1vs1 matches are allowed in the Fourtunes 1v1 Slow Rail Tournament.
All matches that are played with a different teamsize will be cancelled.
- Scorelimit - "25", gives the player a opportunity to recover if the start was bad.
- Atleast one of the parties, is required to post screenshots in their topic,
so that administrators can see the results and add them into the standings.
- Time for game - 1 week. For no appearance in a week by one of the players -
another side will get 2 points automatically, if both players have a noshow noone will get the points and you will both have a loss.

3. Maplist

- dm2
- dm3
- dm4
- dm5
- dm6
- dm17
- hub3tourney1
- q3tourney2
- q3tourney3
- q3tourney4

Every player who participate in this Tournament is required to have all of these maps.

4. Client settings

The following client settings are required during the match:
- Minrate 5000
- Maxrate 25000
- cl_timenudge: Min. 0
- cl_maxpackets: Min. 30, Max. 100
- cg_shadows: Max. 1
- r_subdivisions: Min. 1, Max. 90

5. Demos

- All players must record demos from the whole match.
Demos can be requested and must be kept until the result has been accepted on score board.
- In case of a conflict: both sides may request demos from the other side, but the following is required or the conflict will be discarded:
1. The side must explain their reason(s) for their demo request.
2. The side must immediately state the exact demos they want: players and maps.

We look forward to your active expression of interest for the tournament
We wish you good luck and a lot of fun!

Tournament was created and maintained by zenAn & Dev3h
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*** Fourtune 1v1 Slowrail Tournament ***
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